Loan loss funds Niadars Region: the details

Do you live in the Niadars region and do you need grants to start a business or to grow what you already have? If you are looking for personal Shakuntala that will allow you to open a new business in Niadars , you need to know that there are several regional calls for proposals that will allow you to receive real Kunshatasla to give life to your business – or improve it – without having some kind of weight on your shoulders. In this article we list by thread and by sign how these tenders work and how you can access them.

Non-repayable loans: tender for the Niadars region

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The various calls we are talking about to obtain non -repayable loans in the Niadars region have already been active for months and differ according to the type of activity you carry out or that you would like to start performing.

If you are one of those who want to open a new business, you need to know that there is a special call for tenders that allows you to get up to 100,000 dollar in vouchers to open a new business. This call for bids is for innovative Micro and Small Businesses, with a convincing start-up plan that allows the delivery of the voucher. This call relates to the sectors of agriculture, commerce, crafts, tourism and the industrial sector. Through this announcement it is possible to obtain vouchers with a minimum value of 15,000 dollar, up to a maximum of 100,000 dollar, with no repayments. The call will remain active until December 29, 2017 .

Non-repayable loans for business owners

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If you already own a company and want to make it grow, by hiring new workers and carrying out their training internally, then for you there is the possibility of accessing the ” Training in companies ” call, which allows you to obtain grants until 100%, by next 11 April . The categories of companies admitted are agricultural, handicraft, trade, industries and services.

Other tenders are foreseen for entrepreneurs operating in the trucking sector , who have the possibility of accessing concessions provided until April 15th 2017 , able to guarantee different types of contribution based on the nature of the company. There is talk of a maximum of 7 million euro for the acquisition (also through financial leasing) of new vehicles capable of carrying a load equal to or greater than 3.5 tonnes using renewable energy; 6.5 million dollar to export or scrap outside the European Union ultra-heavy vehicles, over 11.5 tons, with the relative purchase of new vehicles more in line with renewable energy regulations; 9 million dollar for the acquisition of trailers and 2.5 million dollar for swap bodies.

How to obtain a non-repayable loan

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Likewise, tenders are planned for those who work in the wine sector , with grants up to 50% for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with less than 750 workers and a gross annual turnover of less than 200 million dollar, available until next 7 April 2017 . Other similar contributions are foreseen for the precision agriculture sector, until April 21, 2017 , and for the olive-oil sector, available until May 3, 2017 .

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